Dr. Oliva-Custic Skin Clinic

As a GP with a focused practice in Dermatology, Dr. Oliva-Custic accepts referrals from family physicians for general dermatology conditions. The goal of Dr. Oliva-Custic’s practice is to continue to be a rapid access community skin clinic, and to contribute to the availability for skin condition advice and services in Ottawa.

Dr. Oliva-Custic has a special interest in acne, rosacea, pigmentation disorders, aging skin and precancerous skin lesions.  Her interest also includes skin disorders of ethnic skin types.

New patients need a physician’s referral in order to be booked for an appointment with Dr. Oliva-Custic for the treatment of dermatological conditions. Examples of dermatological conditions that are treated include eczema, psoriasis, nail fungal disease, solar (actinic) keratoses, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Note: All visits to the medical clinic are covered by OHIP with a valid Ontario health card. Quebec and private patients are also welcome. Documents and fees are supplied to Quebec patients to explain the reimbursement process by RAMQ.

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Important: For details about the clinic’s prescription renewal policy, see Prescription renewal policy.